Survey: First video game and game you played in your life
Talk to me, what was the first video game and game you played in your life? I'm doing a general research on this and I need your help, think about that first fun in your first video game and tell me about how it was all, memories, emotions, everything.

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The short answer is spyro on the ps2 but my taste in games have widely changed from that let me know if you want me to go into it.

my father has an atari 2600
i think it was one of my first game was River raid
after sometime i remember my brother playing sonic 3 on the sega saturn that he got
and a cousin of my father gave to us a cd-rom with 200-300 roms of sega saturn
i remember every morning waking up at 9 am, and go play on my windows 98 those roms
it's just a really golden memory of my childhood.

spiderman 2 ps2

I received my first video game system in 1989. It was called the Nintendo Entertainment System. It came with two games that were bundled together, Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt.

Free demo disc that came with the ps1. I think it was the first level of Crash Bandicoot.

it was some resident evil game on the wii. don't remember what it was but remember having a good time playing with friends