TV Series you wish would come back.
There are a few series I would like to come back, one being Dexter or Friends. What do you think should come back? At

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That's a pretty difficult question, all of the good shows were a product of their time and plenty have had a good long runs and showed their wear even then as the stories thinned out. Naturally these shows finally concluded and most I would say ended resolutely, therefore it's difficult to pick a show that would do it justice to bring it back again to continue and still get the same quality as it had in the beginning. I personally would pick the show Sliders (1995) to come back, which there are discussions about a reboot, because it'd be more relevant today than ever if done properly and basically it was "ahead of the curve", I believe the premise is really amazing but the show was pretty terribly written which is why it flopped.

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I don't think any of my favorite shows could come back. They were products of their time and they were great then, but to see them in today's society, they just wouldn't work, especially with the bs cancel culture being pushed on us. The TV networks are rebooting old shows because they have no other shows worth producing, and none of them are worth a damn, compared to their respective originals.

Honestly, I think the only show that could actually work if it were brought back is Firefly, but only with the original cast. Everything else just won't fit in today's society.

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They gotta have an Everybody Hates Chris revival I need to see if Julius finally got that car he wanted

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I agree with Sliders. Was awesome then went off the rails. A reboot would be amazeballs.

A new Stargate show would be great as well.

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seinfeld for sure

Mindhunter, hopefully it will return

Without hesitation Stargate but there’s good news for that. SG1 WILL be returning sooner than we think. They’re already in production and have been since 2020 (start of the scamdemic). I just hope it extends to Universe as well!

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second for mindhunter. hbo's carnivale would also be amazing. Does anyone remember Brisco County Jr?

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if it was not for the movie i would say firefly.

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I can’t wait for the dexter revival. Hopefully he keeps his lumberjack look

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Is that a thing?


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