What is your opinion on tattoos? In my opinion I just don’t like them if they cover up a majority of the body. Like maybe a tiny one or a tattoo in only one area of the body is okay for me.

Same here...No for tats

Depends on the girl, full body is lame but on arms and legs can be cool

A bit trashy. I like them in porn sometimes depending (full body is hot) but I wouldn't want to date a girl with a ton of tats.

I think its hoz, but not full body. Too much is not good

Full body is a turn-off. They’re distancing. A few here and there is fine.

Depends on where the tattoo is, and the shape/size of it. For instance, not a fan of Riley Reid(I'm simply not attracted to her), but she has one of the best tattoo's across her back. I like how other girls(non industry porn girls) get similar tattoos. But I hate the tattoos(even the tiny ones) on Leah Gotti(one of my favs).

Depends, quite some artworks, and most of the times defines the type of person.

I don' like a tatoos

Bro I hate tattoos I’ll never get one

I think it depends on the type of girl and type of porn I'm watching. If I'm watching a passionate love making video, I want a cute girl with no tatts. But If I'm watching a hard, rough slamming with anal and choking, I'd prefer if the girl had tattoos and other dirty features like piercings.

It really depends on the tattoos, some people have awful ones making them look really gross, and others have nice tattoos

I'm alright with tattoos as long as they're small.

Like in this:

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It's a really trashy tattoo of a paw print on her tit, but it's honestly not bad compared to some shit tribal lines I've seen on some.

Depends a lot on the script and the tattoo, I didn't like them in the past but got used to it. I mean, they're common enough these days that a college girl might have a couple small ones... But don't shoot something like "innocent 18 year old loses virginity" and cast someone with an elaborate giant sternum tattoo.

Also, some tattoos are just silly to me, so it distracts me. Riley Reid's back tattoo has a nice message but it's so literal I'm annoyed by it. And Owen Grey is a fantastic performer but his tattoos are pretty bad to me.

in a hot girl pretty much anything is hot