The Batman trailer & Robert Pattinson
Saw the trailer just now, although it is quite early to say something about it, I feel this movie will be good.
Robert Pattinson is a phenomenal actor but due to twilight saga I think most people don't see his acting ability.
As this is another mainstream movie, I think he will now be able to move forward from being Edward of Twilight Saga.

Tell me your thoughts.

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It's too early to talk, but I was VERY surprised by the trailer, I think we can give the vote of confidence!

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Since what ? only 20-30% are filmed its to early to talk about, but from what i saw it looked very good, i liked that we saw the eyeshadow after he removed the mask thats a nice detail every other actor never showed.
the only thing i did not really like is that i read somewhere that he is not fond of gaining muscles for the role but since this is a really young Batman fresh in his carrear i can look away

i expect movies


I saw the trailer the other day and it looks very dark. The dark tone is really what makes me excited about the movie.

It seems good

It was different. I can say that much. I have to wait for the movie to come out.

I have not seen it yet, DC universe enough of Batman and Superman reboot already

looks very dark like joker 2019, i think its gonna be rlly good with the dark ton. ppl dont like pattinson cuz of twilight but he can act, just watch The lighthouse, hes very good in that

trailer gave me actual chills, i expect a very spectacular film

Hope the story is really good and story doesn't become way too melodramatic.

Seems pretty good but i want to see the movie to judge.