The Formula one 'race' in Spa was a joke
Yesterday was the gp of belgium in spa.  It was raining and in the morning other supportraces did race

The formula1 race was delayed with 3 hours...with every 5 minute an update if they gonna race... then a 3 labs (officially 2 ) behind the safety car and finished... 

I think this is a joke. What is your view? Do you have any suggestions what to do or how to race in this conditions?

I didn't get to watch it, but that sounds like a shit race. Did anyone "win"?

I still don't understand how that was allowed

The FIA really need to change the rules so that only racing laps, rather than those behind the safety car, count towards the minimum required laps for the race to be official.

Verstappen 'won'. Only Russel was happy with his second place

Or change the rules for rain...better tires, less spray.. it wasnt raining really hard tbh