The Virus is a farce or a strand of flu, who’s more annoying?
For some blind reason you can, or at least could find people who thought this virus was some big lie or was a strand of the flu, which party was more annoying for argument.

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I have just about no hope for people that believe the virus is a big farce. People who compare it to the seasonal flu also annoy me though. For one, the mortality rate is 10-40 times greater than seasonal influenza, and the R0 (infection rate) is 2 to 3 times greater.

calling it a lie is just factually incorrect so those people are pretty annoying imo

I'm sick of selfish people who does not care at all, who does not repect the sanity rules.
I'm working in large distribution, logistic and this is a pain to deal with some people.

Thanks, I'm working during the night

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so many people need to understand that it's not just them, they're affecting so many other people

everyone needs to do their part, including correcting factual inaccuracies. they're all damn annoying though

I saw a post on twitter commenting on these protesters wanting freedom but for their hair stylists to go back to work. They don't care about anyone but themselves.