The Witcher 4 is ever possible?
Do you think that Wicher 4 is possible to be made?

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I dont think that the witcher 4 is possible because i feel like they have completed the story and that is probabily a good thing so now they can move on to better things

Doesn't the author of the source material novels hate the games?

There is always a chance for a new Witcher game, but not necessarily being called Witcher 4. But come on, 3 was just flawless!

seriously hope so but i doubt it

im not sure i want a witcher 4, geralt's story is done and i think continuing would just not work. But you could continue it with Ciri i quess that would be cool

Will there be a Witcher 4? Maybe, but it’s not coming anytime soon—and while it seems likely that developer CD Projekt Red will eventually make another Withcher game, it probably won't have a "4" in the title.

Nothing is impossible man.

I think CD Project Red did actually confirm at some point that a new Witcher game is being planned, just that it's a completely new story. Or something.

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yeah no witcher 4, story is complete

want witcher4 but impossible Confused Confused

if we take into account the series and the success of the last game, maybe