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Is the money you get from your supporters the key to getting such a solid infrastructure?
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Thank you for the kind words.

Our philosophy from the start has been to build a platform that people enjoy using. Not just the content, but the experience getting the content.

This is why you see no scummy ads, no short links, everything that causes a bad taste in people mouths. And yes, key to this has been all the support.

Was it slow, YES
Do less people use us, YES
What we focus on is keeping people around, and every cent we make, we put back into making this platform awesome!
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I mean it would be obviously greater if more people would use leakedbb but i guess if more people would use it, it would run into more problems like notifications from DMCA agents etc.

Content overall is good enough for me although there are a few things i miss (like some creepshot stuff etc) but thats nothing something too bad actually.

lets hope that leakedbb stays up long enough.