The one that got away
Do ever think about the one that got away or do you have a failed romance?

No because when you start thinking about that, that's when you're going to start regretting a lot of things as a whole.

That's a fair point. I find its hard in general not wonder what if, even if your currently happy

Sometimes but you live to move on and appreciate what you have accomplished.

I once had an on and off never official thing with this girl in college. At some point she got a bf and there was a drunken night when we were both crossed and I kissed her on the forehead grabbed her hand and said save this one for me pls, as I held her ring finger. Maybe in an alternate universe we’re together

Ah, tiktokjac that is heartbreaking. It sounds like it wasnt meant to be but still sad.

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>Do ever think about the one that got away
Nope. Because it wasn't that she got away, but that she said no. There's a difference. I got over her and am happier now.
I gotta also say that Karma is a bitch. I've watched her fuck herself over really hard with the lovers she's taken. So if you reject the one you're supposed to be with, Karma will fuck you over.
>or do you have a failed romance?
Of course. That's why we have ex-girlfriends.

We had bets on what year we would eventually end up together haha such a sad unresolved love story

Yo Omega you seem like a chill guy lol thanks for supporting my threads/comments ?

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Thanks tiktok. This community seems pretty great. It sorta of reminds my of this saying ive heard comparing rugby and football (re: soccer). Where football is a gentlemans game played by ruffians but rugby is a ruffians game played by gentlemen. From what ive seen this community is definitely the rugby side of the comparison.

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? totally agree haha what’s your snap m8, we should defo do some trades sometime lmao