Things you took for granted
What are some things you took for granted before the virus hit? Dining in is banned here and there's a curfew, so i've really been missing the feeling of just having a nice dinner with friends. What about you guys?

training in the gym

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commenting on this post

nice one nice one

I auctually miss going to school a little bit

Well, I would say my ex, maybe things would have ended better or better yet not end at all haha

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My newly ex gf hahaha

The smile of my dad, when he left the house to buy some cigarettes...

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I miss being at the bar with the bois and dancing with women

The gymmmmmmm

I really miss going out for dinner...
I know takeaway and food delivery is a thing but its not the same. You pay the same for something that is less fresh and you need to deal with all the trash afterwards!!!

Some people at my job

Hugs... I miss hugs  Sad

my exSad(( i cri everytim