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Thoughts/Opinions on RWBY

As title suggests, for those of you who watch RWBY, what are your thoughts on it? Dropped it ages ago after Volume 4 and 5, and heard it has gotten worse and have heard it has gotten better, so both sides so to speak. Loved to concepts back in the day, the fights were cool, the weapons were awesome, but don't know what is really going on now besides them still trying to save the world or whatever. Cheers.

i just wish it would return to monty om days...

I think I watched the first two seasons around the time the third was coming out. It was fine and I see the appeal, but I didn't feel like I had to watch any more of it. The writing felt really amateurish to me, like it was fanfiction of itself. Everything felt like they only cared about being as cool as possible, even if it meant the worldbuilding didn't really make sense.

The action and animation are cool though. I'll give it that.