Thoughts on Far Cry 6?
I think it looks good. I don’t think Far Cry is supposed to be some deep profound game. I think it’ll be a fun game to shoot shit up.

It’s always weird when they use real actors for the antagonists. I’d rather just have them voice it

Doesn’t look like anything too groundbreaking. Will probably come and end like far cry 5

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I guess that’s the nature of the franchise. It looks like it’s going to look very good graphically but story wise I don’t think there will be anything groundbreaking.

No one plays far cry for the story more so for the characters and theme. Youre not just jumping around shooting guns in a jungle you are fighting against some type of social construct. If it interets you enough Im sure youll pick it up. I know I will.

I hope FC6 will be great. i realls hope...

completely agree!

Looking forward to this but FC3 is still the peak so far

I don't like this new design or the direction in which the far cry series is heading towards.But it is best to wait and play the game hopefully it is fun to play