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Thoughts on Last of Us Part 2

Havent played it yet but I want to know if it really is that bad?

(spoilers for early-game)
People don't like it because it kills off Joel early, reveals Ellie is gay, and the other protagonist is most likely as a transgender person. I don't have much of an opinion on it, but it's up to you if any of that is a deal-breaker. I'd watch videogamedunkey's video or Critikal's video on it for more information.

Really wasn’t that bad, just got blown out of proportion by angry sweaty internet guys. Good game, gameplay is massively improved from the first one as well - way better combat etc.
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I just didn't understand how a tranny would survive during a collapsed society scenario like TLOU2. None of their meds would be available, and the replacement vag would be one big bacterial infection that would probably cause a pretty quick death. That whole character was forced in and seemed terribly unnatural.

Killing off a loved character so early in the game left a really nad taste in my mouth, the story is great but i struggled to stay invested from the moment Joel was gone.

No not at all, it’s an excellent game which got wildly blown out of proportion due to people misinterpreting leaks. Ellie was already confirmed as gay during the DLC on the first game, and a lot of people mistakenly assumed that another lead character was trans when she wasn’t. There is a trans character in it however and that put a lot of noses out of joint in certain circles.

I thought the game was terrific.

Although the amount of work that was put into development of the game was a lot, the story just fell flat imo

It wasn’t that bad

Shoe-horned in tranny oh god please

can say it is excellent game regarding the game system
but Joel died due to stupid character with stupid cause of death
that ruined everything

Story is mentally exhausting