Thoughts on Spligate?
Has anyone played splitgate yet and how did you find it? 
I’m really enjoying playing it as it reminds me of Halo 3 but they have to fix their server problems.

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I havent heard of the game, what is it and where can I play it?

It’s a F2P game on consoles and PC. If you like the style of Halo mp you’ll probably like it as it’s Halo with portals

Saw it on YT and tried it. It pretty good but the skill level is quite high but it still fun even for beginners

It’s fun to play with friends. I don’t see myself playing it solo

I love it. A bit like halo 3 and reach which is good. The portal mechanics really allow for a lot of sick plays

Idk the game but Ill try it.

It feels a lot like halo, but a bit faster. I’m really enjoying it so far