Thoughts on hunting
Im a hardcore hunter, born and raised. Curious as to who is as well and why, or who isnt and why. Also, do you hold opinions of people that hunt or don't before even knowing them?

I know a lot of guys who hunt since it is in their tradition to do so (indigenous people). Pretty cool considering they do a lot of those survival stuff commonly shown in tv shows. If apocalypes were roever hit, they'd certainly survive XD

Hunting is really cool, when you use everything and respect what you killed. Hunting simply for sport and clout leaves a bad taste for me.

I have no problem with hunting to eat food, I don’t feel like people should hunt and kill animals for fun though

I find sport hunting to be disrespectful to the animal. You’re taking a life, it shouldn’t just be a trophy. Hunting to eat is good. Great to be self sufficient. “If you can’t kill it, you shouldn’t eat it”

I feel like more people should get into hunting, I’ve been doing it all my life and really enjoy it. The only problem would be too many inexperienced hunters means more injuries

Hunting for food is fine, but doing it just for sport I don't really like that.