Thoughts on new Xbox vx new Playstation (Xbox Series X vs PS5)
What details about the new consoles interest you and what do you think your preference is?

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The Xbox Series X is really impressing me more than the PS5, Microsoft revealed so much more details earlier than Sony. The raytracing capabilities and instant game switching of the series X really are quite impressive, looking forward to the new generation of consoles.

i like the plan they have for the Xbox Series, if feels like its made for gamers.

Its great that consoles are finally catching up to pc so that games are not limited anymore and we will see vast improvements in games that are made for both pc and console

More curious to see what games they're gonna put out for both and how they'll take advantage of the new shit.

I think console wars are back on. Its exciting. Me personally Im gonna go for the PS5 just cause I play more solo games but look anything that can load Spiderman PS4 in .8 seconds is wild to me