Thoughts on upcoming games (similar to Genshin Impact)?
Between 2021 and 2022 we will receive a lot of new free to play games that seems lit. I don't know if someone of you guys play Genshin Impact (i do and i like the game pretty much), but its success was pretty big and now also some game industries wants to emulate/innovate it, as Bandai Namco wants to do with Blue Protocol, a new game that will be released in the ending of this year. What do you think of it? Or even, have you heard about some new awesome games that must be released?

as a heavy Genshin Impact player, I like the fact the industry has recognize these types of games and want to pursue it but the only thing I ask is if they don't make us wait a long period of time for main story content like I have been doing with Genshin

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