TikTok Banned in the U.S?
Recently I heard Tiktok has to sell the company or they will be banned at the end of this year. You guys think this is true? If so what are people going to say if it does get banned lmao

I live in the US, and yes, it's true. It was just passed by Congress and signed by the President. The company must be sold within a year (not by the end of the year, as you stated). Here's one news source, from the National Public Radio site:

RE: TikTok Banned in the U.S?.

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As for what happens next...well, court challenges are likely. Time will tell. I can't predict what "might" happen, but it's safe to say another app will surely come along in the event all this occurs.

The company is probably not gonna be sold and it seems they're trying to use tiktok notes as an alternative to replace tiktok as it's based in the us.

They won't end up banning it. It'll evade or get delayed and eventually forgotten.

I don't think they'll end up fully doing it as it would just reveal their true motives imo, drama will die down until new president revisits it or i could be wrong but i deffo don't think they'll ban it outright

They wont ban the app, wont make it to final stages and tiktok will continue finding loopholes not to get banned