Too Many Games to Play?
I have this really annoying problem where I have so many games to play that it becomes a bit intimidating. First world problems, I know.

I just get a bit overwhelmed and then it makes me not want to play/finish games I KNOW I do or will enjoy.

Anyone here have any advice? How I should tackle this? It's really starting to wear down on me.

It's a stuff that happens frequently i guess, i also have some games in my library on Steam/Epic that i know i would like but i'm used to play the same games and it's kinda difficult that something new takes me so much to let me abandon the other ones. I think you should just play what you want to play, because if you impose yourself to play something new, you will not enjoy it and you will do it "forcefully".

this happens to me with music, i hear a good song and want to add it to play my playlist but always forget the name. So i write it down in my phone and add it later. Write down the games u wanna play so you can play them later

for me i write down the games i have, rip up the paper, put the strips in a hat and pull one out. i then play that game until i at least finish the campaign then pull out the next one. that way i only concentrate on one and dont find myself looking at my collection and having too much choice

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