Town of Salem, worth it?
So there is this game called Town of Salem (you can find it on steam). It's basically werewolf/mafia online, I've seen some people playing it and it seems pretty straight forward and enjoyable, only issue is that I found is people gang up on players with names they don't like even if he provides enough evidence that he's not the bad guy and they would believe him, they would still be like "oh yeah we don't care though". So games like that, are they really worth getting online? I personally enjoy them in actual groups in real life, but thanks to Corona, can't do that anymore. What do you think?

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I used to play it is a very fun game you should definitely get it

For the price you can get a lot of entertainment out of it

If you enjoy that type of thing in real life then it's not that different online.

It's hard to enjoy the game without friends, especially if the rest of the online group start to team up. See if u can get some mates to join

It's worth buying if you want to play with your friends.. But if you just want to check out the game/play with randos it's free on their website

Honestly, it's a great game but after making it pay to play, the player count will slowly die down. I've had many great experiences though, until I lost my account due to mandatory password reset request and I used a fake email

hell yea its fun as heck

Quote:The game is also free online with no download
The game is also free online with no download

It's fun and cheap, try it.

I would say not really honestly unless you have friends to play with, the free version works just fine and it's just one of those games where eventually you'll zone out of it. Try among us, fun deceit game

isnt among us similar to that game?