UFC Max Holloway vs Justin Gaethje?
I heard that this was an option for Gaethje after Max fought Kattar.

Honestly I would love to see this fight. It could still happen. And I only see it happening this way:

Poirier becomes champion and Gaethje and him have a rematch. Gaethje wins and becomes champion.

Brian Ortega becomes champion and Max and him have a rematch. Holloway wins and becomes champion.

Max wants to become a champ champ and goes up to lightweight to fight Gaethje and they have perhaps the greatest slugfest that’s ever happened in the history of the UFC. The end

I think Max stays at featherweight, he has no realistic chance of a title at lightweight. At featherweight he has a much easier path back to the belt - remember both fights vs volkanovski could have been scored for max and he almost killed ortega last time they fought.
That being said, max vs gaethje would be amazing to watch.

Right?! And yeah no doubt featherweight is where he belongs but if Gaethje is holding that belt, it’s a win win for Max even if he loses lol 

If he wins(I think it would be a much closer fight than Poirier) he’s a champ champ and if he loses he would probably be 1/2 of fight of the year AND still be Featherweight champ. He’s still young, so he’s got time to build muscle for lightweight

I don't think Max would be able to handle it. I don't remember how close the fight with Dustin was, but Justin hits harder.

Idk man Poirier seemed to hit harder ran Justin when they fought.

Max Poireir fight was closer than the Gaethje fight tbh lmao but that could just be me.

But also Max is a better than he was when he fought Dustin. After that Kattar fight man idk, Max’s combinations were relentless

Max would need to actually take the time the bulk up for lightweight to be able to compete. If he ever wins his featherweight title back and defends it maybe once I could see him moving up

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I totally agree with that. The man’s still so young I could see him I’m eventually bulking up to compete in lightweight

max is so underrated still....

Max would do alright in LW if he had time to properly bulk up.... the way that Jones is doing atm for HW......