Upgrade or buy old?
Im thinking if I should buy a used 2080ti or just wait for a 3080/3070. I know it'll be really hard to get stock though..

Depends on the used price and current shortage. In general a 3080 is probably going to be the better option.

Sometimes it's best to just wait, and in this case yeah I'd say hold out.

Never buy from scalpers prices wait also buying used you never know what you going to get warranty is always good.

I’d say wait it out. Never know whats gonna happen.

If you already own a pc that works I would wait to get my hands on the 3000series card.

If you can save and don't NEED one just wait til the 4000 series cards come out to either get a 3000 or a new 4000 one. If you need one right now I would get a 2080 or 2080ti.

I'd wait for the 4k