VR Update
I recently had the opportunity to try vr for the first time ever and I gotta say, even if it's all still a little goofy, vr is the shit. I used the oculus quest, played some accounting+ tiny bit of beat saber, too scared for vrchat but made an account anyways.

It definitely feels real enough to be a viable platform. I do kinda wish the headset would fit a little better on my face but that's probably justy big ass hair. Also I've come to realize that if you don't take breaks you're gonna get headaches for sure. Also be aware of your surroundings z accidentally punched someone in the face trying to reach for something in vr lmao

10/10 would definitely recommend. I'm gonna try to get my own now

thanks! i was thinking of vr and i didnt know if it was worth it or not

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