Venom vs Carnage
 i forgot this movie was even coming out until i read it had been delayed until september. Im a massive venom fan from the comics. the movie versions of venom havent been great but with andy serkis directing i can imagine the motion capture preformnaces will at least be top of the line.

Are you excited for this film? did you even remember it was coming out?

I didn't enjoy Venom. I thought the storyline was a bit of a mess tbh, but I did like Hardy! If the movie was made by Marvel, there definitely would be much more hype for the sequel.

I thought venom was ok, nothing special. but i do like hardy as eddie brock and i liked the design of the venom character. just wish they gave us a trailer so we can see what type of film this will be. mindless action film or a deeper character study with the odd action scene. like a cat and mouse game between eddie and cletus. cletus leaving a trail of bodies as he makes his way to eddies gf or something.

cannot wait for this film, really wish they would drop a trailer

if it's not going to be r-rated i wont even bother

Tom Hardy really safed the first movie but nonetheless i loved it. The way he always looks like an addict off drugs and running around. Can't wait to see the next one and completely forgot about it until I saw this post haha

I just hope it's better than the original, unlike Deadpool 2

I love Venom and i love Carnage and i really hope i will still do after the movie..