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Washing Genitals for Hygiene

What do you guys use for washing up your goody bags?

I heard some people use their body wash, but some others use their shampoo for the pubes.

Do you guys know which is more sanitary or better for your skin?


This probably isn't the best crowd to ask about genital hygiene
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I like to keep the hair really short, so a trimmer in the twins for hygiene first.
To reduce tights friction, I wear boxers.
To clean, soap, rinse and repeat 3 times. Expose the whole glans and do the same until there's no "oily" feeling or smell.

Keep as much hair off my entire pubic region as much as is humanly possible. Then just use soap and water. Be sure to shake your dick off after pissing, because then you get some on your boxers, and your dick gets to bathe in that bacteria all day.

I like to prevent the hair from growing too much then every 2 months I cut the hair but wash it daily with water and soap at least 2 times a day

I use some shampoo well i do my hair then het rigjt in there with body wash too...got to be extra sure lol

Soap and water. Nothing should go inside you though.

just do soap as long as you don't shove it in there  Big Grin

use a face wash

soap and water my dudes, theres so reason to shampoo heh

only soap and water

Bodywash, soap & water. Just about anything will be fine lol

i just use liquid body wash it work great

Any soap will do lol