What’s the line between a game and a sport?
This is an argument I have with my friends pretty often - is golf a sport? Well, it is on ESPN and has highly paid athletes and all. But on the other hand, there’s really not much that separates it from, say, golf or pool in that it is just a game of precision. So, does a sport have to involve athletes running, jumping or otherwise doing something athletic or can games like golf and bowling also qualify?

...... ur mom

How physically demanding it is, i think that's the line. (in that regard golf is hardly a sport and more like a game)

i used to think it was whether or not it was a real competition or not.
then my girl showed me that queens gambit on netflix
damn was that competition lit. and chess aint a sport.
so i dont know.
i like that you sayin about athletes getting physical. if it taxes the body.
i like that more

any games or boardgame even can be a sport if played competitively. it doesnt really have to be physical