What If...? Dr. Strange episode
...anyone liked this? I don't understand why people like this so much.

I enjoyed it, but to quote a reviewer I like, Im a marvel zombie from way back, so I at least mildly enjoy everything marvel puts out. But as far as the what if show specifically, I mean it seems pretty in line with comics series its based on. Like the comics never really got to in depth about what the butterfly effect would be of making changes. It was always like what it magneto led the xmen instead of xavier, and guess what its about the same. I am thinking that there will be some sort of overarching story with the varient versions from the different episodes. And becasue its based on the movies and not the comics, I could see some of these alternate versions showing up in actual movies, like the next dr strange.

Same, why people like it that much?

T'Challa as Starlord is their best episode so far.

Shit, I forgot about this, thanks for the reminder.

People like edgy stuff I guess?
I feel like the previous one was better.
And despite my expectations I liked more this one, than the last one of Marvel Zombies

T'challa as starlord is the best and the dead avengers is close at 2nd imo

I enjoyed it more than the episode 7 where Thor just parties