What TV show is your favourite ? And why ?
Mine is Breaking Bad, i was always underestimate TV show, like they're just a sub-genre of film, like a degrade version of what we can see on cinema, my own mindset changed since i saw Breaking Bad.

The storytelling, cinematography, acting, just top class

More of a mini-series, but Chernobyl was really good and instantly became a favorite of mine.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

i like the characters especially lucifer

my fav is the sopranos

I could say that mine is Sherlock , I have seen it like 4 times and it's still awesome

Monogatari series for me.
The way it showcases Araragi Koyomi and his life combined with the way he deals with the supernatural alongside the main heroines is truly unique and despite having no background characters it never feels lacking.
The show also has a lot of character development for the rest of the cast even giving some of them two whole arcs in order to develop their characters relations and overall life.
The adaptation does a fantastic job at bringing the light novel to life.
Huge recommendation for anyone basically

Game of Thrones would've been if they didn't botch the last part. Dunno if we'll get a promising fantasy series like that for a while. Shame how it ended.

I'm really into Queen's Gambit at the moment, mix of good drama, suspense and insight of people.

Curb your show makes me laugh as hard. its great. i think the improve method works.

Daredevil is absolutely amazing! Best marvel work there is

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Best writing of the last twenty years, and superb comedic elements.

Breaking bad- the acting is top notch and most of the scenes had me on the edge of the seat