What anime would be great for a live adaptation?
Give me some of your thoughts. movies or series?

Still waiting for AKIRA.

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I've heard there's a Hollywood Naruto that did a casting not too long ago. Don't have high hopes for that but I'm cautiously optimistic the live action gundam won't be total trash since it's the same studio as pacific rim. As for things does fit live action I feel like something that's mostly grounded in reality makes sense, but necessarily entirely. Maybe like psycho pass? Similar to ghost in the shell which stylistically looked pretty good even if the content was a bit controversial

I think beyond the language barrier there vast cultural differences between the east and west makes it hard to adapt anime to live action. Since the money required to do the live action justice is really only spent "well" in Hollywood. So personally I think we should stop anime adaptations all together.

Is there any examples out there? Has it been done before? It would be hard to not find it cringy, I think. Would opm goofy demeanor be as good as it is in the anime when slaped with a Hollywood sticker? Men, hard to tell