What are the best anime English dubs?
What are the best English dubbed animes?

I know cowboy bebop, FMA:B, and HxH are excellent, but what are some others that are of similar quality or otherwise good-very good?

I know the purists will say to only watch subs, but let's not fight about that for sake of discussion.

The dubs of anime movies are usually decent, especially the studio ghibli movies since Disney localized them. Watch spirited away, it's great.

most popular anies have okay dubs

dragon ball super has a decent dub, naruto , familiar of zero , code geass(given), Trigun is super good in dub , princess mononoke, hellsing, Yugi-oh , & basicall all the gundams series are decently dubbed

dragon ball super has a decent dub, naruto , bleach


  1. Ghost stories and I'd also recommend fan translation for R402 as a manga which is some british humour love it 

Only mainstream anime tbh. One piece, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z

Yu yu hakusho gets overlooked. Also Ghost Stories is hilarious dub.