What are your favourite ps2 games?
My favourite would have to be

Shin megami tensei: Nocturne
Need for Speed mw
Gta San Andreas

Final Fantasy XII, Persona3/4, Metal Gear Solid 3, Ratchet and Clank 2 and the Jak trilogy, they were pretty much my childhood lol

Need for speed underground 2, carbon and most wanted.

mx vs atv most fire games i've played probably in my life

FFXII is definitely up there. Despite being a buggy mess I also enjoyed Soul Calibur 3 a lot.

God of war 2 was great

by far is Gran Turismo 4 and GTA SA

Sonic Heroes, DBZ BT3, Tony Hawk Underground and Kingdom Hearts II just to name a couple

Crash Bandicoot, NFS and Metal Gear were my gold collection.

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Bully, FIFA 04, Street Fighter EX3, GTA III, GTA IV, Dead or Alive 2, Tekken 5 and NFS Underground 2.

Persona 4, Digimon Rumble Arena, Crash Bandicoot Tag team racing and Metal Gear.

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I don't care if anyone makes fun, but SpongeBob The Movie and Battle for Bikini Bottom are two of the best games on the PS2 ever. Almost all Nickelodeon PS2 games slap so hard

The main mascots of the ps2 like jak, sly, ratchet. This one is probably gonna be considered very niche but star ocean 3

I can't believe it hasnt been said yet but Resident Evil 4. Great gameplay, great graphics, great story in a very cheesy way and blew the doors of the Resident evil series

true crime LA

most wanted, underground 2, gta san andreas and gran turismo 4