What do you like & or dislike most about Cyberpunk?
I think there’s a lot to love about the game & world they’ve created but it obviously has some glaring issues. What parts did you like most or least about the game so far?

Bugs=really bad

This rubbish game has too many bugs!

I feel like if the bugs were fixed it would have lots of potential. The game is very enjoybale imo. The story is pretty good as well.

bugs are pretty funny. Cant wait for the game to be fixed tho, from what i ve heard the story and the character are pretty amazing

Story is decent. Atmosphere is top notch. City is really cool. Sick soundtrack. Aesthetics of vehicles are really cool too, despite them handling like tanks. Gunplay is solid and i enjoy the diff gangs. Im hoping a lot of things get tweaked and fixed over the next few months.

The bugs make it unplayable

The game was so buggy on the first day of release, it crashed my computer so many times..

great plot, good gameplay, beautiful nightcity

The bugs. Sometimes I'm not even sure if it's funny or just sad.