What does the BB stand for?
Hey, I was just wondering what the BB stands for, as I used to be a member of a website with those initials years ago, which I held quite dear.

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Bulletin Board.

Another way of saying forum Wink
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oh wow I feel kind of tarded

makes sense

thanks for the info bro, just realised BB == Bulletin Board

I was hoping this was in any way possible related to blackbay dot org, rip in peace

yeah,I also want to know what it means

wow ,like BBS?

and what would that website be if I may ask? 
Cause I suspect it may be the same I had in mind (which is, AnimeBB, that back in the good old days 2006-early '10s provided a lot of hentai)

lol nope, it was blackbay. I'm not into hentai:p

I'm crying that funny

I thought it was short for 'Bibi', the one with the most sought after nudes

wow interesting

nice pfp  Wink

i know it has already been asnwered, but

BooBies XD

yeah,I also want to know what it means

Lol that makes sense

most of these forum softwares are based on super old bulletin board systems, before the term forum became popular.

this one in particular is run on "MyBB" and there are myriad others out there, phpBB, bbpress, etc.

Thread can be closed btw, should have known is stood for bulletinboard and not my beloved, long gone blackbay