What game would you like to see getting a remake?
Considering RE4 is probably going to get a remake, what classic game would you like to see?

For me I would love to see Silent Hill remakes

Grandia (Grandia 2 to be specific) like holy shit the story was beautiful and it was the first RPG game that I fell in love with

Max Payne 1 with 2020 graphics hands down

I would love to see KoTOR 2 get a remake but only if they had a more than 14 month dev cycle this time around. Its still the best thing to come from starwars since a new hope.

I want sly cooper 2 and 3 to and possibly 1 to get a remake on modern graphics and gameplay

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Prypiat

(hope they will launch STALKER 2 on next year, if nothing bad happens)

Bruh we need this Ratchet and Clank 3 remake

If capcom continues on those remakes... Dino Crisis for sure.

Modern warfare 2 needs to be remade for PlayStation

Call of duty world at war

It's a toss up between megaman legends and chrono cross

honestly id say tf2 or counter strike. both need a source 2 port to compete w valorant

Crysis and San Francisco Rush, SFR was the first career videogame i ever played Heart

diablo2 remake want!!!  Smile Smile