What is the first music album you ever owned?
The first and only music album I ever owned was Who Let The Dogs Out, by the Baha Men. When I was in elementary school, I loved the song and would cobstantly sing it. When my birthday came around, my dad got me the album as a gift. It was a massive surprise and it was honestly the most excited I've ever been receiving a gift.

Shortly afterward, Napster had became super popular and my older siblings got a new desktop computer that included a CD burner. From that point forward, my siblings burned CDs for me when I wanted music.

I grew up and learned to pirate music on my own.

Two decades later and Who Let The Dogs Out, by the Baha Men is still the only CD I ever legally owned, and it was a CD I got as a gift.

What was your first music album? How have you legally owned in your life? Do you still buy music?

Blink 182-Enema

"Charlie Brown Jr." a 1999 album was the first of many, as well as games I like to have the physical and original media of the artists I like, but I don't usually buy anymore.

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To pimp a butterfly by kendrick Lamar

A Night at the Opera by Queen

Bring me the Horizon - Suicide Season

Appetite for destruction - Guns N' Roses

Black eyed peas - Elephunk & Usher - confessions part 2