What is your biggest issue with current running anime?

Seeing a lot of discussion of this on other forums, but what is your biggest issue with current running anime rn?

too much fanservice

Not much quality

Too many of the same tropes, not enough variety in the genres.

Boring & repetitive.

Pacing I would say, one piece is classic example of dragging episodes

average animation quality seems to have dropped nowadays

The story got boring

Storytelling and Effort going into creating an interesting adaptation of the source material.

hm hard to say 
i rarely keep up with seasonal anime usually it just becomes a bit overwhelming to keep up with all the cool series  so i just watch old shit or not as new until it comes to me
i also tend to wait for others to throw their opinion at the wall then see if it is worth a try or not 
the last time i actually kept up with a seasonal anime was in 2019 february with love is war
the other times i tried i kinda just gave up on them and threw them onto the dropped list with a stinky rating