What is your favorite Mario game?
Mario is a gaming lengens icon. He has been around for decades and made appearnces in over 250 games. Some are mainline games, some are spin offs, and others are cameos in other nintendo francises. He is one of the most recognizable characters in the world, up there with Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty.

So, I beg the question, what is your favorite Mario game.
  • Mine would be Super Mario 64. It was the first Mario game I ever beat. The freedom of movement changed the gaming landscape, while being both challenging and fun. Rumors are Nintendo is going to remaster the game for the switch and I can't wait.

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I agree. The jump to 3D was a big step forward and they did such a good job with it.


Super Mario Bros>>>>> all

Super Mario World was a great game, I had lots of fun with it, didn’t 100% it but I beated it, also the best part of Super Mario 64 is playing around with the glitches, the 3D open world gives you a lot of possibilities than the regular 2D games

Super Mario 64 is also one of my favorites. But my most favorit Mario Game of all time is Yoshis Island. 
I loved that game as a child and always like to come back to it  Smile

super mario galaxy for me

Always enjoyed smg2. The settings helped make it a bit whimsical/lofty

Super Paper Mario has been a long time favorite for me. A lot of fans of the series will talk about Thousand Year Door a ton which is also a great game but Super Paper Mario will also be my favorite.

Mine probably are the Kart games of mario

mines probably supermario oddeysey

Ones where mario isnt in? Ex: zelda? Actually smash bros is pretty good, just stay away from the wii version!

64 DS and 64 DS specifically

I have to say odyssey was fantastic, probably up there for me.

Super Mario 64, the movement in it is so quick and satisfying.

Paper Mario TTYD is a close second too, the backtracking really hurts it though.

Super Mario 3. Gotta love the racoon tail!