What is your favorite video game soundtrack?
For me my fav. music comes from fighting games & RPGs. Games like Final Fantasy have a wide range of music that can range from intense to sad or calm emotions. Some songs are memorable even 10+ years later. Ive also found really good music from the Tekken series that can be good for a workout or just to get you fired up.

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If you want something loud and gets you in the mood, DOOM games are AMAZING
But if you want something calming and chill The Pedestrian has some nice ones

Mass Effect 2 had a great soundtrack especially the Lair of Shadow Broker DLC

The soundtrack to the old Resident evil games

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i really love the Bastion ost, rayman legends ost, but Doom... it's one of the best!!!!

Nier Automata - City of Ruins.
This game has the most mesmerizing OST ever and I have played a lot of games.

Hotline Miami soundtrack is probably the best in both that it fits the game and sounds good alone

I love Shadow of the Colossus. It's simply amazing.

One of the best soundtracks ever made is in the Dragon Quest series or Secret of Mana also realy great.

Nier Automata's OST is beautiful. NA is the only game that immediately comes to mind where I love a majority of the soundtrack.

Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal are definitely my favorites!

FF8, for sure!

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Hollow Knight by far

Bravely default soundtrack is nice too

Witcher 3 soundtrack gets me hyped up, especially one track which I think is called "silver for monsters...", good stuff.

FF6-8-9 and nier automata.

Wait for nier.

The soundtracks from the old Castlevaniagames always strikes a chord with me.

Diablo 2- Tristram is still a classic

grand theft auto: vice city

For me they are
Metro last Light
Crysis 3
Very exciting!