What is your opinion on web dating?
I meet this girl, and shes so nice, we share the same hobbies and we play games like League and even R6 together, pretty great stuff if you ask me. 

Things are getting a bit stronger between us, she said she liked me, like, really liked me. She lives two states away from me. 

I want to know your experiences with web dating (if you had any), its it ''worth''?

Most of the girl profiles are usually fake. If you go to such a site and want to make sure that the person you are meeting is who they say they are, the website must have verification in the registry.

I met my wife in person but she lived 6 hours away driving. Most of our relationship at first was chatting and long distance stuff. I think it can work but you need to have a plan to eventually reunite and have hanged out in person before. The second part is important because it could be someone catfishing you and not just with say the gender. She could really be a young girl, an old woman (way older than you think), not resembling what she shows you in picture or just a guy messing with you. Once you have established they are real then it is a lot easier to move forward with relationship plans and goals.

Online long distance dating can be pretty sketchy. I've met and courted girls through the internet but that's in my local area and I met them on dating apps or FB.

I'd call it dating once I meet irl.