What operating system (OS) are you using and why?
I'm a full time Linux user who occasionally uses Windows for gaming only. I like Linux for its stability and privacy. I want to know exactly what is installed on my system and avoid bloat to keep my system snappy.

I used Windows for more than 10 years and been using Linux for like 3 years now. During my time with Linux, I have learned more about computers and how they work than I ever knew when using Windows. For me, it felt like Windows kept me locked in a cage and discouraged learning. Dealing with frustrations like forced updates, BSODs, freezes also drove me crazy.

I mostly use windows on the main system just because there are a few things i use regularly which i haven't been able to find a good substitute for on linux yet

I oy use windows because it is easy to use and I dont have to hassle everything and switch it over

I use Windows for my gaming needs but for work I'm in the design industry so I've been using my Mac as there's a certain workflow that I prefer that Apple provides. The ease of flow between all Apple devices is great for my work.

Linux, Mac and Windows... depends on the use case

Mac for convenience

Windows 10 Home, because the upgrade was free! I'm also too lazy to try and switch to something Linux based.

I mainly use Linux but switch to Windows for gaming. I thought that it'd be hard to use Linux but the OS I have is easy to use and the basic layout of it isn't all that different from Windows while offering much more options than Windows.

Windows cause im used to it and I dont like changes
Ive been running Linux (ubuntu to be exact) on a server tho and its actually a pretty good os

mac, the user experience is unbeatable

Windows but I'm thinking of switching to Mac for that ecosystem

Windows 10 because i'm not knowledgable enough to VM of off linux.

I use Windows 10 and OSX. Windows a lot lately because I'm at home in quarantine but I prefer OSX for anything work related like designing or coding.