What programming languages should I pick up?
I'm a college student right now, looking to pick up new programming languages. I know Java, C/C++, ARM, and a little bit of Python. Any recommendation?

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turn that little bit of python into a lot of python

PHP is definitely one you should look into since it's one of the most popular languages used today alongside C#

Those all sound good tbh, just keep improving

depends on what you want to be able to do

I always recommend python, R, and C++ for a good starter set of languages

python is fine. only do R if you are doing science stuff

depends on what kind of programming you really want to do. A lot of companies need middle tier app development which is usually in C# or java, but you could easily look into Go and Python. Front end work is way different and is largely all about JS Frameworks. So pick your poison

I would personally go with python but the main thing is that you just pick a language and stick with it.

Well, You can check out for Golang and Kotlin.

C# is a very useful language to learn as well

I would research the most popular languages in the field you are looking at entering. Otherwise I would recommend Go, Python or Kotlin.

It depends on which field of Computer Science that you want to study/pursue. I recommend you try C and C++ as they are the most commonly used language to learn programming. After you master the basics of programming, you can try using python or Java.

c++ for basics (very easy to move on to java afterwards), asm if you want to code to "bare metal".

PHP / Javascript / Python are good languages to start. Note that you can do in PHP what you do in Python (mostly). Just choose what you prefere. PHP community is big and lots of projects mainstream can help. There are also in python of course.

I would personally pick Python.

Try C# or Java and sql

python, R, and C++ and SQL