What's the best first programming language to learn?
I used to program a bit of python in high school, but I've been out of the game for a long time. I'm looking to get back into programming, mainly for fun and making projects rather than as a career choice. Which programming language is the best choice for beginners? I want something that will give a good grounding in the fundamentals of how programming works (so not so high-level as to oscure the underlying mechanics), but also powerful enough to be able to make useful or interesting projects reasonably quickly.

I would recommend getting back into python first. It's definitely a bit "easy" compared to other languages, but it'll get you back into the mindset and required thinking.

From there, I definitely recommend c++. It can be brutal, but work through it and you'll get it. There's plenty of resources, and it's so popular, you can do pretty mu h anything with it.

Thanks. Yeah I think I'll start with Python, I still remember a fair bit of it so it'd be easier to get back into quickly. Then in while I'll check out C++.

I learned some html in grade 10 in high school 20 years ago, lemme know if you have any questions.

C#, Javascript, Java, and Python are definitely the easiest to pick up.

C++ is hard but once you get the hang of how it works it can make learning other languages really easy. C++ was my first programming language and learning Python felt like a breeze in comparison.

If you want to learn multiple languages then what i think is getting started with c++ will be a better option.

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I think it's good to start with python, but for a more comprehensive of programmation, Java is a better way but much harder.

I'm seeing a lot of reccomendations for C++, I think I'll start by brushing back up on python then try to learn C++. Thanks guys!

Java is good for fundamentals.
Afterwards it dependa what youw want to programm.

many recommend python, but try c++ first you will quickly learn python