What's your biggest regret?
Personally, my biggest regret is dropping out of school to work on my father's farm. I should have been more confident in myself.

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I try not to think about regrets and instead focus on what I can change moving forward. Everyone's life is full of various regret and unfortunately without a time machine you and undo mistakes.

But If i had to choose one, probably being stupid with money when I was in my 20s. Its was a fun decade but expensive and Im still paying for all these years later.

Finding this website too late is my biggest regret!

Nothing wrong with working on a farm, OP, I am proud of you.

Nothing wrong with working at your father’s farm man. My biggest regret is not going into the medical field so I can take care of my parents

I think that lack of confidence that you mentioned is usually the root of any answer to this question. Personally, I think that sounds like an enriching experience that not many people ever get. You can always educate yourself and do more and maybe you have a certain work ethic from your upbringing that you can take with you wherever you go. My main regret is not taking more risks when I was younger and just doing what my parents wanted which was to go to school. I'm still glad I went but I wasted a lot of time taking classes that would never benefit me.

Not mining bitcoin at the start - I laughed at it then but I'm not laughing now Sad

.Personally, my biggest regret is dropping out of school to work on my father's farm.
And in a few years, when things go to shit, your farm will have something a lot of people won't have: food. If you can do school online and part time, go for it. But you as a farmer have advantages the rest of us don't have.

Honestly, i dont have one

my biggest regrest is going to college for a degree i didn't care about

Not investing in Bitcoin when it was low

Biggest regrets are being with my nutcase of an ex for 3 years and then the other is not eating the last slice of pizza