What sports movie do you think is underrated?
There are many sports movies out there. Some are geared towards kids, and others geared towards adults. There is one sports movie that I particularly enjoy that people don't really talk about and it is Hard Ball.

Hard ball is a baseball movie where Keanu Reeves plays a degenerate gambler that ends up coaching an inter-city youth baseball team. Sound like the Mighty Ducks, right? Well this movie isn't a kids movie; it actually has a hard PG-13 rating. Never heard of the movie? I'm not surprised. The movie came out the Friday after 9/11, so it is largely forgotten to time. Its biggest legacy is the tie in song Harball, featuring lil Bow Wow ans lil Wayne.

I greatly recommend this movie.

Southpaw is pretty nice.

maybe losted time

Fighting was a very good movie.

When the Game Stands Tall

Southpaw was really underrated

just watched The Way Back the other day. Was actually a pretty moving movie with great performances

Benchwarmers! Love that show! It's aimed more towards kids tho.

For the love of the game

Southpaw is the only movie that comes to mind rn