What was the first programming language you completed a project with?
Hey guys,

I am very interested in knowing were everything has started, may you want to tell me where it has for you or at least with what programming language you have completed your first project? Its upon you to decide whats project means.

For me the first project besides "hello world" or a few webpages was a windows like webpage with javascript ajax and php. It was 2008 when i did that project with a friend instead of listening to the lesson. floating panes weren't that common in this time.

I used to code a lot in Delphi - now mostly C.

But the first project I finished was in Visual Basic - guess this kind of dates me ... :-)

Hey man - Im currently learning JS - It's pretty nice to start out with. A lot has changed since 2008 with JS.

HTML, CSS, JS, all those web stuff.

Those are arguably the easiest way for a complete noob to enter the programming world.
working by the way is the way to find the way to the way of your life hahahah

Technically HTML, but no JS.
So, that leaves C++, but without a lot of the fun stuff modern C++ has.

Python. Easy to learn and easy to prototype almost anything because of pypi packages.