What was your biggest waste of time that you can remember (Can be Anything)
Mine was Shrek 3. fucking terrible movie, the rest of the movies was good though.

most of the time spent at school

trying to reply for creds

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Watched this horrible china made film starring Dave Bautista and some kid. Was the worst movie I'd ever watched

Attending college.

university as a whole

Candy crush

College! who's with me

definitely college and damn expensive

Trying to fix my marriage

My first degree was not a great financial decision

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School, about 5 years and nothing to show for it. Wish young me would have just sucked it up

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I'll have to jump in the college boat. At least I didn't go far in debt over it

Drove my brother an hour for him to have a 5 minute conversation with his friends

I consider it a waste of time, but it´s also worth it: watching all the seasons Kenny vs Spenny once a year

or trying to raise my contributor level

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Sad but true. I spent several hours reading post after post in a single subreddit.

Dating that girl.....

Todas las pecas del mundo, it was horrible. Dodgy
[Image: Todas_las_pecas_del_mundo-297484545-large.jpg]

I played this called called Rumble Fighter since 2006.... spend like 2k on that game it had loot boxes in 2008 lol

Watching Big Bang Theory