What will the world be like after corona?
How will the virus change the world? Will it affect out travel behavior? Foreign relations? What are your thoughts?

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i wonder if we will see a move away from cities, especially if people realize they can effectively work from home

Might be a pipe dream, but I do home we see some changes in the world after this. WFH more prevalent, healthcare revamp,

its gonna take a while for everything to go back to normal

We can enjoy a short period of clean air before the environment got polluted again

people still got be scared to go outside

Two ways to go through this depending on how long it lasts, if it will only last until max by the end of this year, then not much will change, everything will go back to work with governments more aware of similar issues and will build upon it in the future to avoid any more economic loss. But if this last until next year or more, then the world really is going to change, businesses schools universities shopping will all shift online to maintain balance in the economy, countries will go broke, population will reduce heavily and the world's climate will heal a bit. If this lasts for 3 years, everyone (or almost everyone) would have already gotten the virus, and the world population will be reduces by a third and a lot of jobs will be available but not enough professions to cover them as our current generation are more towards social media and other virtual professions instead of practical things such as engineers or doctors

In other words, we're fucked either ways, just try to survive long enough to be able to tell your story, stay safe

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We will forget after 1 year

I agree. It is forgotten after 1 year

International travel will be difficult for a while, but we will get used to this new kind of living soon...

Prob the same

I Think it will take a long time for things to recover back to normal. I almost feel like the moment they relax any restrictions we will have booms in infection rates again. But once it's all "over" i think there will be long lasting affects on the economy and on local businesses. Some of those local food stores cant afford to be closed for 6 where will they be once we can go out again?

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Until and unless a good vaccine pops up I imagine some of the measures will remain in place for a while. Things will have to change but life will go on.

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I think some careers will be changed permanently, with so many jobs changing how they can work from home.

Hopefully personal space is a winner after all of this, too.

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Economy will most definitely suffer and people will probably still be scared to go out.

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likely an economic downturn before it returns to normal. maybe more online / work from home type jobs? for sure introducing some to new skills or online learning to fulfill their needs

I think the global economy's gonna be in a weakened state. Most countries intensify their mistrust with China. Brazil looks like it's about to explode right now and I hope they pull through. It's gonna be an interesting couple of years once this crisis totally blows over. I hope we all recover.

Quote:More or less the same
More or less the same

The world will be a lot more cautious and distant for a while.