What would you do with a million dollars?
I'd pass some money over to my friends, buy a small house, and invest the leftovers personally. What about you?

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I save a fair chunk of it and use the rest to travel. Take a year off work to travel around the world.

I'd probably invest it all with a goal of achieving financial independency

Pay debts, find a pad to live, and invest the rest, making sure that one particualr set of investments brings me an annual return equivalent to about $50k/yr, so I don't have to depend on slaving away for the man.

I'd travel the world and chill until i die

hookers and blow

Blow it on loved ones and bathe in it probably

That is a good opportunity to retire, really.

I would invest almost all of it, then using the rest pay off any debts I have.

At least I'd pay for a fuck with Sensual Jane

buy my time and my love

Retire and get myself a decent place. Maybe travel a bit aswell.

Invest 100% of it, make alot more than a million dollars

Investments, hookers, cars, house(s). Maybe not in that order

Help out some of my friends in need . Invest 50% of it and use the rest to travel the world for a year or so.

try and make more money with it

Get a property and invest the rest of it.

invest and buy some nice watches

I would buy bitcoin, lol

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Buy the newest technology (pc, phone, etc), invest big part of it and travel around the world