Whats the best Subway sandwich?
I might be in the small percentage here but I really don't like the meatball marinara. Looking to get some good opinions?

I don't like meatball marinara either. I normally get the italian bmt just because it kinda tastes like a pizza depending on how you custom it, but it's nothing too special. I kinda prefer the sandwiches at firehouse subs or jimmy john's more.

I 100% you recommend finding a local place to get sandwiches from, wherever I go, compared to the big chains, local places slap

None of them. They are all kinda mediocre at best

Any local sandwich shop manages to give you better quality food for almost the same price. This goes for most restaurants

Meatball marinara for sure too!

my friend supposedly ordered a cookie sandwich once, just cuz its possible.

Meatball marinara is pretty good for me, but my all time go for is the seafood sensation.

At some point they used to serve soup, not anymore though. All I really get there is just a generic ham sub except I don't visit the place much any longer.

I haven't gone since I was in college but I used to get chicken teriyaki a lot. Just douse it with sauce and it's edible.

Good ol chicken teriyaki