When do expect graphics cards availability to be back to normal, and your reason?
Silicon supply is at an all time low
Graphics cards are increasing in price
Supply and Demand economics hitting everyone hard, except the companies

I'm just wondering what time do you expect for things to go back to normal.

All I have right now is a gtx 760, and was really hoping for a rtx 3060ti or 3070 for rendering my 3d models

I expect prices and supply to come back to normal around August; my reasoning being that that is the general timeline for most nations to get vaccinated en masse.

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I would rather say in a year(at most) something like march-april. But I aint no expert tho(there a lot of shit going on and ion think everyone will be ready). Some countries have almost no vaccines administrated, and we can beat this virus togheter, not separately

I don't expect prices will come back to normal. Mining demand it going to keep things up. It's like the 10xx series, mining just drove prices up and they never really recovered.

Best Buy seems to be getting stock every 2 weeks fairly consistently.

Your best bet is to use an app/bot to notify you when retailers restock if you need something now. Otherwise it seems like nothing will be in good supply/reasonable price until at least the second half of the year
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2022 - not a chance we're going to see it happen this year.

likely never. mining is what drove them up and mining isn’t going down. even increased supply won’t affect price by that much because miners just buy them.

silicon supply got a little better as you can see recently with the influx of 3k series in store shelves. The prices dropped a little as well but I don't expect it to go back down to reasonable levels anytime soon.

Honestly I don’t expect things to be reasonable again until a different method is found for production.

Proba next year

I don't think it will until 6+ months after supply chains normalize post-pandemic.

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Not for a while maybe Q4 2021 at the earliest

Maybe when semiconductor manufacturing capacity increases? Mining is putting a stranglehold on the new cards, I'm learning to content myself with my 1050ti that I have.

i don't think the situation is gona get any better soon , probably a year or so

Just get a prebuilt they literally have all the parts and are memed not actually bad